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Huawei GT 2 (42mm)

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Huawei Watch GT2 42mm

Are you trying to find a smartwatch for women other than the Amazfit GTR Swarovski version? Then I’ll tell you some good news! The Huawei Watch GT2 42mm version is also a pretty great choice. Huawei’s Watch GT2 42mm is divided into 3 versions: active, fashion and elegant, the prices are 1388RMB, 1588RMB and 1888RMB respectively. All of these are designed especially for women.

Huawei Watch GT2 42mm Edition

Huawei Watch GT2 42mm Edition Outlook Design

Huawei Watch GT2 42mm version is very different from the 46mm version in appearance. The Watch GT2 42mm version does not have concave moment characters on the outer ring, resulting in a smaller dial diameter and thickness, although the endurance is also lost, but it brings a small and delicate figure that is closer to the traditional watch.

Huawei Watch GT2 42mm Edition

Unlike the pure black box of the 46mm version, the Huawei Watch GT2 42mm version of the box uses a gold frosted lining, closer to the 42mm version itself.

Huawei Watch GT2 42mm Edition

In the front of Huawei Watch GT2 42mm version, without the border of the concave moment characters, the diameter can also be reduced to 42mm. It is more concise against the 3D all-in-one glass. On the back of the Huawei Watch GT2 42mm, you can see 4 sensors and 2 charging contacts. In addition, a quick disassembly structure is adopted on the watch strap, and the pulling rod can be removed by plucking the pull rod.

Huawei Watch GT2 42mm Edition


There are still two physical keys in the Huawei Watch GT2 42mm version, respectively, a power button and a function button, in the settings can adjust its triggered function.

Huawei Watch GT2 42mm Edition


Huawei Watch GT2 42mm version has a 1.2-inch AMOLED color round screen, the color is full, the display effect is very amazing. With the characteristics of the dial market can achieve a variety of dial switching.

Huawei Watch GT2 42mm Edition

Huawei Watch GT2 42mm Edition Practical Experience

Huawei has built a perfect sports and health monitoring management system around its own intelligent wearable devices. The software side is the sole responsibility of Huawei Sports Health APP, while the hardware side, as the flagship wearable device, Huawei Watch GT2, naturally has the most perfect and comprehensive functions.

15 Professional sports mode

Huawei Watch GT2 supports 15 professional sports modes, including 8 outdoor sports (running, walking, mountaineering, hiking, cross-country running, cycling, open waters, Triathlon). 7 kinds of indoor sports (walking, running, cycling, swimming pool swimming, free training, elliptical machine, rowing machine). Almost all the popular types of exercise have been included, especially the new gym exercise mode to meet the needs of indoor fitness.


Combined with Huawei Watch GT2’s powerful sensors, detailed data on all kinds of exercise can be recorded in detail, ranging from exercise mileage, time and speed to heart rate changes and calorie consumption. Most importantly, Huawei Watch GT2 supports GPS dual satellite positioning system, for motion trajectory drawing, Huawei Watch GT2 achieved extremely high accuracy.

Huawei Watch GT2 42mm Edition

Comprehensive health monitoring system

Huawei Watch GT2 carries blood oxygen detection (SpO2 limited in Chinese Version)heart rate monitoringsleep monitoring and other health monitoring functions. And on the basis of these basic tests, we have realized a series of health monitoring systems, such as heart health, sleep health, exercise health and so on.


Huawei Watch GT2’s HUAWEI TruSeen 3.5 allows it to detect oxygen saturation, which is important for extreme enthusiasts such as mountaineering and office workers who work long hours. The former can be detected by blood oxygen to prevent themselves from low blood oxygen level at high altitude and avoid serious altitude reaction. The latter can, according to the blood oxygen test, know whether they are in a state of overwork, arrange a rest in time, and avoid continuous work in a sub-healthy state.

Huawei Watch GT2 42mm Edition

On the other hand, intelligent heart rate monitoring realizes all-weather heart rate recording. In addition, it can realize simple premature beat screening and discover potential heart disease. On the other hand, it records the time and value of abnormal heart rate, and gives timely warning to patients with diseases such as heart failure. Through the heart health program APP, you can connect to national cooperative hospitals and use authoritative data to analyze your heart health.


Sleep monitoring allows you to better understand your sleep status, and if you feel tired after a sleep, you can check your sleep records through Huawei’s exercise Health APP. As the author yesterday’s sleep records show, my deep sleep continuity is on the low side, click in will show the factors that may affect the deep sleep continuity, need to pay more attention to these.

Huawei Watch GT2 42mm Edition

In addition, there is the function of stress testing, its principle is through these basic health data testing, to determine whether you are in a state of stress, is also a very good health status reference.

Huawei Watch GT2 42mm Edition Battery Life

Wear Huawei Watch GT2, to enable the messages notification, raise hands to light up the screen, intelligent heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, stress testing and other functions are all turned on, using one night to test its endurance ability. In the case of full-function on, the normal use of one night, 12 hours of power consumption in 7%, it can be inferred that under the full-function turn on, the duration is about 171 hours, about 7 days, close to the typical use of official propaganda.


Of course, in the actual long-term use, endurance will be more affected by the state of movement and the number of bright screens, so the actual experience of endurance performance also needs to be combined with their own living habits.

Huawei Watch GT2 42mm Edition convenient functions

First of all, the weather function is essential. Huawei Watch GT2’s excellent display screen, coupled with special weather animation, makes the weather function look very delicate.


Huawei Watch GT2 optimizes the display effect, the AMOLED screen display effect is clearer, the color gamut is also fuller. Therefore, the characteristic watch face function is also essential. You can see that there are many special dials in the dial market for you to customize and choose from.


In addition, Huawei Watch GT2 itself can also be used as a music player. The memory left for music is about 2GB and can store about 500 mp3 music. However, due to the lack of speakers, the 42mm version can only play music via Bluetooth connected headphones.

Huawei Watch GT2 42mm Edition


In addition to the common features of these portable smart devices, Huawei Watch GT2 has one or two features as a sports smart watch. Thanks to a wealth of sensors, Huawei Watch GT2 is able to provide professional data such as altitude, altitude, air pressure, climbing, 3D distance and compass for mountaineering and cross-country runners. Through the two gadgets of altitude barometer and compass, we can get a lot of professional information about our geographical location.

Summary: flagship smartwatches that keep up with women’s needs ?

Now the watch is no longer a simple tool to look at time, it is also a kind of decoration that reflects a person’s taste. So the change in the design of Huawei Watch GT2 42mm version is also due to the different needs of female users.


First of all, the most intuitive is the reduction in the diameter of the dial, most women have smaller wrists, “big men” can not control at all, the small dial can be said to be specially made for them. The benefits of the small dial are also clear, with Huawei’s Watch GT2 42mm version thinner and weighing nearly 12g less.


Second, in terms of design language, if the Huawei Watch GT2 46mm version shows the mechanical texture of atmospheric fortitude under the action of 3D glass and carving technology, then the 42mm version removes the carving and shows more of the roundness and softness of the whole. And such a design language happens to be popular with women. Less mechanical and line hard, more glass and curved surface of the soft, it can be said that perfect in line with the female taste.


Finally, as a smartwatch, Huawei Watch GT2 42mm version is powerful. After the test, we have seen that its exercise and health monitoring system has a very high accuracy, with the use of APP is like a tiger. Although the reduction in size means that there is no room for speakers, except for the ability to raise hands and turn into Bluetooth calls, the rest of the features are still perfect.

Huawei Watch GT2 42mm Edition

The design of Huawei Watch GT2 42mm version reflects Huawei’s additional care for women in the field of smart wear. A product is fully “intelligent” in both function and design, taking into account the needs of most users. Achieved the full flagship quality.

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