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YAXUN YX-308-2 BGA Solder Paste

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  • Welding In Paste Yaxun Yx-308-2 50g For Chip’s Bga And Smd Solder in paste used for welding Components, Fpc Connectors, BGA Reballing and others of various sizes. Due to its composition the weld does not give defect after a while. – YX308-2 Paste Welding is a homogeneous mixture between metallic tin weldpowder and no-clean weldflow. It is produced from alloy powders with low oxide content, where only high purity metals are used for their production. – YX308-2 Paste Welding is used to weld components or remake welds, tracks, among other procedures.
    Its use is more practical and fast than the weld balls, since because it is in the form of paste it fuses with enough precision and speed when heated with hot air blower. – There are places where you do not have access with the normal tin, already with the use of The YX308-2 Paste Weld you will be able to access it easily and make a welding with good precision. Just fill in the place and warm it up so that it merges and then becomes solid welding.
    – The Welding in Paste YX308-2 consists of the formula 63Sn/37PB, which means that it has in its composition 63% tin and 37% lead. FEATURES: – Welding in Paste 63Sn/37PB; – Homogeneous mixture; – Metal powder of tin welding and no-clean weld flow; – Easy-to-use packaging; – Allows use several times; – Used to weld components or remake welds, tracks, etc. – Paste merges with enough precision; – Quick melting when heated with hot air blower. SPECIFICATIONS: – Brand: Yaxun; – Model: YX308-2; – Composition: 63% tin and 37% lead; – Weight: 50g.


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