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Sunshine SS-918F Separator

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      • SUNSHINE SS-918F SEPARATOR born for edge screen separate and glue remover. Edge screen separate and glue remover, support with middle frame operation.360° rotating platform

      • SEPARATOR S-918F-P

        1.SUNSHINE S-918F PLUS 5 in 1 Edge Screen Separator.

        2.Straight screen and edge screen are universal for one machine, suitable for heating/separation/glue removal/frame removal/screen removal, etc.

        3..The tiltable panel, the left and right tilting design, is convenient for the medicine to flow into the left and right frame glue.

        4.and the glue is released from the inside to the outside, and the medicine does not enter the cable, which solves the problem of the medicine damage to the cable.

        5.built-in precision bearings, 360° rotation smoothly, no need for frequent manual operation operate.

        6.Hose fully sealed design,Prevent foreign objects from falling into the machine and prolong the service life of the suction pump/built-in pump.

      • S-918F-P
      • S-918F - Sunshine
      • SUNSHINE S-918F Edge Display Separator – Mobile Parts Wala


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