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Model: Pro 5 [Touch Sensor + rename + GPS] Features: Bluetooth version: 5.2 Sensing distance: 10-15 meters Playing time: 3-4 hours Intelligent noise reduction: Yes Standby time: 6 hours Earphone charging: 1 hour Charging of storage box: 1-2 hours Charging compartment capacity: 350mah, headphones 35mah (full amount) Net weight of headset: 3g Carton specifications: 66×39.3×19cm Net weight: 12kg Gross weight: 12.5kg Operation function: Press once (left/right) to pause or play Press twice (left/right) to call Siri Press three times (right) to the previous song Press three times (left) to skip the next song Open charging case lid auto Popup window Product configuration: 1 * A pair of headphones 1 * Charging case 1 * USB charging cable 1 * User manual Function 1) Can support both IOS and Android devices, as well as any device that has Bluetooth connect (laptop etc.) 2) Very short latency. Almost no delay for sound transmission from the device. 3) Quick connect. pro4 connects in less than 2 seconds upon turning on Bluetooth connection. 4) Good battery life. Can use up to 4 hours continuously. The charging case can charge the earphones around 3-4 times. A full charge for charging case can last for whole day usage. 5) Supports touch and gestures.


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