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  • TWS4 Bluetooth Ear-Buds (A Grade)
  • Separate the fuselage any single or double ears to wear
  • TWS4 can receive type storage box
  • TWS 4 will not get rid run while listening to music
  • Waterproof & Sweatproof
  • Multi function touch button for operation of Power on/off, Reply,Call/Reject, Skip, Play/Pause
  • Light weight only 5.3g
  • Standby time: 48 hours
  • Working time: 4 hours
  • Display battery status on mobile phone
  • Easy operation just 3 steps: press the touch button for a few seconds,open your mobile phone to source TWS4, connected
  • True Wireless
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Transmission Distance: 10m
  • Working time: 3-4 Hours
  • Standby time up to 100 Hour
  • Battery capacity for earphone: 40mah
  • Battery capacity for charging box: 350mah
  • Charging time: 2Hour

roduct Description:

Easily pair your phone Separate the fuselage Any single and double ears to wear Can receive type storage box Crazy won’t get rid Run while listening to music device GTWSA connected1. To car (TWS) connection: Press and hold the touch keys of two earphones for about 3 seconds at the same time, and find one of the side lights every few seconds2. Search for the TWS4 Bluetooth device while Bluetooth is turned on3. After searching for the Bluetooth headset device, pair the connection. The kill is the pairing completed. The headset can’t be powered at once, don’t turn the volume to the maximum, otherwise it will easily damage the headset.

Do you want to know the correct way to shut down your headphones?

1. Drive the headphones from the volume of one-third of the normal listening intensity for 12 hours to 24 hours.2. Drive the headphones for 12 hours using two-thirds of the normal listening intensity3. Use the normal listening intensity to drive the headset for 72 hours.4. Use the normal listening intensity of three-quarters of the volume to drive the headset for 24 hours.


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