HDMI Cable with Colorized Nylon Cloth


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Displayport to hdmi cable
Displayport male to hdmi male, Support the video&audio Bandwidth up to 10.8Gpbs
AVA Cables is a leading manufacturer of displayport cable, displayport to hdmi cable, displayport to vga, displayport to dvi…
DP002 is the cable of displayport male to hdmi male, we do also supply displayport male to displayport femal and displayport female to displayport female and the adapter of displayport to dvi, displayport to hdmi and displayport to vga…
The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) declare the final standard edition of the DisplayPort connector at present: As the inheritor of the DVI, DisplayPort will intensify the high definition audio signal’s transmission while transferring the video signal.

What’s more it supports the higher resolution and the refresh rate.

DisplayPort supports the one lane, one direction, four-line connection, and it supports the data transmission rate up to 10.8Gbps which is enough to transmitter the uncompressed audio and video signal.

At the same time, it also supports 1Mbps’ bidirectional auxiliary channel for equipment control, Additional, it supports 8-bit deep color and 10-bit deep color.
It applies the micro-packetised format when data transmission.


1. Support DisplayPort connector

2. Support 8-bit &10-bit Deep Color

3. Support the video&audio Bandwidth up to 10.8Gpbs

4. Support the 1Mbps’ bidirectional auxiliary channel

5. Support the one lane, one direction, four-line connection

We also produce displayport male to displayport femal, displayport to hdmi, displayport to dvi cable…

Connector Type: HDMI male to HDMI male
Connector Finish: Nickel or Gold
Length: Up to 30meters
Gauge: 28AWG
# of conductors: 19Pin
Conductor Plating: Tin
Shielding level: Triple
Shielding type: EMI
Ferrite Cores: Yes
HDMI connector Head Measures: 20 x 11 x 37
HMDI Connector Diameter: 5.5mm, 7.3mm, 8mm
Net Jacket: No
Built-in Equalizer: No
Supported Resolutions: 480i to 4k x 2k
Bandwidth: up to 340 Mhz   (10.2 Gbps)
Deep Color: 10-bit, 12-bit, and 3*16-bit (48-bit RGB or YCbCr) color depths. “x.v.Color™”
HDMI Certified: Yes
HDMI Spec: High Speed HDMI
Category 2 Certified: Yes
HDCP Compliant: Yes
CEC Compliant: Yes
ROHS Compliant: Yes
Compatible with all Versions of HDMI: Yes
Supports DVD Audio: Yes
Supports SACD: Yes
Supports TrueHD & DTS-HD: Yes
UL Specs
UL File #: E119932
UL Style #: 20276
CL2 (In-Wall): No
VW-1: Yes
Voltage Rating: 30V
Temperature Rating: 80° C


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