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FALCON 853 OCA glue remover for mobile phone maintenance

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 Quickly clean dust, grease, salt, moisture, metal powder and other dirt.

2. Volatile quickly, without leaving any residue, generate antistatic film after washing.

3. Will not corrode metal, insulating paint, plastic, rubber, organic glass and all kinds of veneer.

4. Insulation resistance 14 x 1013 Ω , has special protection to electronic components.

5. No bad smell, will not do harm to people and environment, not inflammable, and explosive.

Color: transparent liquid; ignite: antifoaming
Smell: light solvent smell; proportion: 1.3±0.05

FALCON 853 OCA glue remover for mobile phone maintenance



This product is used on the iPhone, HTC, Samsung and other smart touch screen, mobile phone screen explosion repair, mainly for mobile phone LCD cleaning assembly after the separation of the OCA dry

glue and LOCA optical water gel, rapid removal of liquid crystal and functional surface OCA plastic. In

addition to fast, no residue, no damage to the surface of the liquid crystal.



1. High environmental humidity, if equipment surface wet or leakage power, please clean it after cut the


2. Store in the place under 40℃.

3. For big work, please keep windy, patients with coronary heart disease, high blood pressure should

not be a long time at the scene of the cleaning



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