Celebrat G4 Original Stereo Sound Earphones

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These are High Fidelityearphones that come in anergonomicdesign that maximizesthecomfortasyou fit them in your ears. They are designed to offer you a great feeling as you listen to your favorite music/program at any given time or place. The earphones are designed to fit well in the ear to maximize thestereo sound output as well as maximize the bass required for maximum relaxing experience. Pick your calls with ease for these pieces are well fitted amicrophone that serves at its best during a phone call. Made of a strong pvc material, you can be assured of highdurability for the earphone.

Celebrat earphone/headphone is custom-built to reproduce crystal clear audio without any distortion. They feature an optimized audio cavity made from aluminum alloy with precise metal anodizing technology for exceptional sound quality. The aero metal and PET composite diaphragm generate a more well-balanced sound. These earphones are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Make and receive calls without any distortion or noise interference using the built-in capacitor microphone.
Experience amazing treble performance and thumping sound with the Celebrat earphones. With the 3rd generation balanced damping, these earphones improve airflow dramatically, delivering balanced outflows for the front and back chambers. The combination of aero metal and PET composite diaphragm produces a well-balanced sound. As a result, you can enjoy the optimized sound effect.
This Celebrat in-ear earphones audio cavity adopts aluminum alloy material, with precise metal anodizing technology. The superb CD texture at the back and knife cut texture body gives this accessory an elegant and stylish appeal.
Celebrat earphones let you experience unmatched quality of music. These earphones will be your best travel partner. Designed for the active listeners of music, this model features the best in class noise-canceling technology. These earphones offer a very comfortable and stable fit. The excellent build quality of this wearable will make it last longer. The earphones have perfect earbuds for an immersive listening experience as they cut down the background noise completely and let you experience music in its purest form.
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