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  • Product Features:
    8 kinds of android battery buckles, android battery decoder board, thicker eight core wires with pure copper, High temperature resistant and tensile silica gel material, Banana Head gilded, Support android power boot over 300 models, it covered with all most android phones.
    With its own identification resistance, it can recognize battery current, voltage, quantity and temperature. Effectively solve the problem of mobile phone identification, battery restart is not turned on , the display temperature is too high, the starting power is zero, automatic shutdown. High integrated circuit, the use of smaller components, smaller battery detection plate, more accurate battery buckle, easy to take off, not easy to fall off.

    Support For Android Models :
    Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, Glory, Oppo, VIVO, Meizu, Red Rice , ZTE, LG ,MEITU, LeTV, Lenovo , Hisense , Acre, Nubia, Nokia , 1+, Gionee, Coolpad, Sony, HTC , Blackberry, Philips , Etc.

    Package Content*
    1 x MECHANIC Android Power Boot Cable ( iBoot AD  )


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