1,m Data- charging cable Samsung EP-DG930 | USB-C plug to USB-A plug

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    • 1 Metre long original Samsung charging cable, data cable with USB-A plug to USB-C plug in black. Manufactorers article number EP-DG930 und EP-DG930IBEGWW.

      With the USB charging cable, you can charge your Samsung device via the USB port on your computer. This cable can also be used with an optional power supply unit (available separately in the shop) to charge your mobile phone or tablet at the socket. The USB charging cable is ideal as a second cable for on the go. Whether with friends, in the office or at home, simply charge your smartphone or tablet with the replacement cable anywhere!

      – USB-data cable to transfer data between suitable devices
      – with charging function
      -Supply voltage with USB-connection
      – Custom fit processing
      – Cable end 1: USB 2.0 Type-A-plug
      – Cable end 2: USB-C-plug
      – Length: approx.1,m
      – Colour: black


3 Month


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